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Versa Rake replaces your Rocket Bucket, Landscape Rake, Screening Bucket, Planer and more!

The Versa Rake was developed in Kerrville, TX and is a patented product. It currently comes in 5 sizes. The 80”, 72” or 60” fits most skid steers and tractors with quick attach. It has 28 adjustable, free rolling bars and can sift up to 1/2” material. It also comes in 42” and 36” minis with 15 adjustable bars. You can leave all the bars in and have a ½’ gap between them, or remove every other one or every two. By removing all the bars, you can use it as a planer. Thus, your application determines the number of bars you use.

The Versa Rake consists of an incredibly durable front blade attached to two side skids. The skids allow the unit to glide level along the ground and prevents the blade from digging. As the attachment moves through the designated area, the blade scrapes up the surface material which then enters the bucket.

The bars are made of 7/8” sucker rod, hardened steel. The back of the rake sits off the ground 1 ½” to release material. The bars allow a way for the valuable top soil to be filtered through while trash and debris remain in the rake for disposal.

Unwanted bars can be easily removed by loosening two bolts, removing a plate on either side and sliding them out.

We recommend using every other bar on your Initial application while picking up larger debris. Bars can then be added to help better sift remaining material.

Versa Rakes can be used for landscaping, cactus clean up, debris removal, vegetation, spreading road base, chip fill, rock and topsoil, land clearing and much more.

We are very proud of the innovative design of our product, and we have no doubt it will help the end user be more productive in saving time and money. The Versa Rake combines 4 attachments into 1 and is an attachment that every skid steer or tractor owner should have.

Versa Rake – Our number one selling attachment

  • 80″, 72″ and 60″ wide skid steer or tractor attachments
  • Fits most skid steers
  • 28 adjustable & replaceable screening bars
  • Box, blade, and screening bars are built from hardened steel
  • Screens material down to 1/2”
  • Useful for removing rock, debris, vegetation and more
  • Perfect for spreading material as well, including road base, gravel, chip fill, rock, and topsoil

1 Year Warranty :: Screen bars not included in warranty

Versa Mini

All the great features of our 72” VersaRake, in a more compact 36” size with 15 screening bars

1 Year Warranty :: Screen bars not included in warranty