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Texas First Rentals has been offering the Versa Rake now for about two years in our equipment rental fleet. Once a customer learns that we have these attachments available, it has been extremely valuable to them for applications where separating rock and soil is needed. We have very large site and dirt contractors that use this attachment regularly, we also have small contractors and landscaping companies that highly utilize the Versa Rake throughout Texas. The Versa Rake has been a good rental item and compliments our machines and rental business well.
Application – Cleaning up 2-3” rock in storm water basin that was silted in from rain.
Benefits – Biggest benefit was being able to adjust the bars for the size of material it would let through. Another benefit was being able to shake out the impurities and lay the rock back in place. It made the process a lot faster.
Performance – 10 out of 10! And would definitely recommend it to others.

Emerson Construction

The true last attachment you will ever need to buy !!!!! The Versa rake does everything they say it does and so much more … does a great job straightening up my roads and collecting rocks and debris out of material that would be other wise useless. Thanks for a great product.

B. H.
Hensley inc

I purchased my Versa Rake for my skid steer about a year and a half ago. In that time, it has become my most used implement. I have used it to level for a new horse barn, sift and spread out old burn piles, clear rock from the areas around my house, level pastures after removing mesquite, and clearing areas of prickly pear. I would highly recommend adding the Versa Rake to your implement assortment.

K. A.
Triple 8 Ranch

This is a fantastic, multi-use addition to our equipment. As a builder/developer, I use the rake for job site cleanup and landscaping. Previously, when we filled the haul-off dumpster with trash with a solid bucket about 60% of the dumpster was comprised of top soil from the site. At the dump site, I was paying extra money to dump the top soil and then paying someone to haul in additional top soil lost in the trash clean up. The rake leaves the existing top soil in place as it has adjustable screening bars . The Versarake with the removable bars, then serves as as a landscaping tool that screens rocks and other material down to 1/2 inch. Now, instead of having to pay additional money for a landscape contractor the rake is so efficient and easy to use, our existing crew can bring everything to the necessary grade. I have paid for this piece of equipment in just one house building project just in dump cost, the unnecessary cost of additional top soil and being able to perform the landscaping tasks with our crew. I am also using the rake at my ranch getting rid of cactus and rocks and building and smoothing roads. It is a very tough, well built product.

J. E.

My name is Nick Vester, I am the the General Manager of Fox Rental, I have been with Fox Rental for 35 yrs, got my first look at Versa Rake about 4 yrs ago, sold my first customer on it 20 minutes after my first look. This product is so well built and can be used for my different jobs, we are still coming up new uses all the time. I believe this is the only true material handling bucket on the market. It can be used on skid steers or for loader bucket on tractor. They also build a great boxblade for your tractor, it has been my pleasure to represent this product for Versa Rake.

Nick Vester
Fox Rental

Every Skid Steer owner should own a Versa Rake. It does so much more than filter rocks and dirt! Everything from fixing roads, clearing brush/cactus to cleaning up old stumpy burn piles! We find new uses for it every week!! Highly recommend this product!

R. D.